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Our Bibliate Library is made up of hundreds of quality written summaries of popular academic research. Written by our team of subject matter experts, each summary in our database breaks down research articles into four fundamental categories: The Overview, The Visuals, The Criticals, The Takeaways. Each of our full summaries undergo a rigorous editing process to ensure readability and accuracy. Bibliate full summaries are written to be between a 6th – 9th grade reading level on the Flesch-Kincaid scale (compared to over 12 for most academic research).

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Find over 150 expert written summaries of academic research that surface the most important information you need and more.

Each one of our expert written summaries were inspired and created through strategies from everyday students along with recommendations from researchers and university library professionals. Here is what you can expect in a written summary from our Bibliate Library:

A quick snapshot for the article which covers the background of the research, explanation of the author’s main methodologies, and an overview of the results.

The visuals section walks you through the most important charts, tables, and datasets that are found in the original research.

This section helps guide your critical view of the article being summarized and includes a portion covering the research significance and research implications.

If you’re going to walk away with anything, walk away with this section. This part of the summary surfaces the most important key words and ideas from the article.

Every year we come out with a new “high demand” subject (i.e. Psychology). Our current library houses summaries in subjects such as Psychology, Political Science, and Biology. We choose the articles we summarize through our partners at Altmetric and by the research articles that our valued customers upload to our Summary Generator feature. 

Bibliate "Summary Test"

Here at Bibliate, we strive to not only provide you with easy to understand material but also accuracy. All of our expert written summaries undergo hours of work to ensure readability, comprehensibility, and accuracy. Each summary goes through what we like to call our “Bibliate Test.”

Each expert written summary must meet certain criteria before being published. Here are the key areas we test before publishing a summary to our library: 

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