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Academic research is tough. Not everyone is a PhD. Through a combination of automated solutions and subject matter experts, Bibliate transforms research articles into simple easy-to-read summaries almost anyone can understand. Take a gander at some of our features by signing up for our limited time free trial.

Generate a Summary

Upload an academic research article and our technology will generate a summary for you in a matter of seconds.

Find a Summary

Find hundreds of expert written summaries of academic research that surface the most important information you need and more.

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After you've generated or found your summary, save them in your own summary library to revisit when you want.

Bibliate Summaries

Hundreds of Summaries, and Counting

Everyday we write and generate summaries to add to our growing library. Every summary we create is vetted for accuracy and readability. The summaries are created based on what our customers upload to generate and what we identify as being a “high demand” article through our partnership with Altmetric

Bibliate Users, What People are Saying

It’s no secret academic research is sometimes confusing. With Bibliate, we give you the tools you need to understand critically important academic research to help you succeed in your coursework, research, or business. Learn why hundreds of researchers and students use Bibliate everyday.

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