Senior Editor


Bibliate is a web based tool that enables users to quickly and effectively comprehend complex scholarly articles and academically oriented works. Bibliate is an efficient, smart, and simple application for users to gain an understanding of course content better and faster while also assisting instructors and article authors in ensuring knowledge transfer of crucial topics.

The Bibliate summary provides users with snackable synopses and learning methods for major scholarly articles and academic works. Bibliate breaks down articles to their core and goes beyond just the abstract. Using a templated model, Bibliate summarizes articles, surfaces key takeaways, and points out important questions to ask while reading. The content creator will be responsible for creating these summaries. Our content creators are well versed in key academic concepts, but are able to translate these concepts into a digestible format for our audiences.


  • Edit for general grammatical and syntax errors in content creator summaries
  • Edit summaries for comprehensibility and readability
  • Collaborate with Bibliate leadership and content creators to ensure timely publication and creation of summaries

  • Pursuing a undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Available to work 10 – 20 hours a week during normal business hours (flexible/arranged)
  • Previous editing experience required, either in academia or another field
  • Deadline oriented and driven with excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills
Location: Remote
Role Type: Contractor
Pay: Competitive and Negotiable
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