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Our Partners

We have partnered with leading technology and publishing
companies from around the world to power and enhance our
solutions and processes.

Altmetric is the leading provider of research metrics to scholarly publishers, funders and institutions. It tracks and collates the online dissemination and conversations surrounding individual research outputs, delivering data through an API and analytics package called the Altmetric Explorer. Founded in 2011, Altmetric is based in London, England.

Altmetric identifies the most popular research in a given field which Bibliate then summarizes for our users.

Scholarcy’s AI-powered tools turn research papers, reports and books into interactive summary flashcards, simplifying the process of reading and consumer research. Their unique application extracts tables and data, figures as downloadable images, and gives users key highlights, helping users to speed-read the paper, follow the arguments and take away the main points. Scholarcy was founded in 2018 and is based in London, England.

Scholarcy’s technology powers Bibliate’s Summary Generator feature.