About us

If you’re interested in learning more about us, you’re in the right place! Here at Bibliate, we do what we do so that everyday learners gets their fair shot at understanding academic content and important scholarly research. Learn more about what makes our team tick. 

Solving a problem of academic proportions

Academic research is thorough. It’s purpose is to set forth a hypothesis and then go into minute level of detail to prove that hypothesis or further the thinking around the topic. But thorough also typically means complex, lengthy, and very specific to the topic at-hand. 


Primarily written for academic audiences, research is filled with jargon and confusing terms everyday learners can’t always understand.


On top of being difficult to read and digest, research is very long – on average between 20 – 25 pages according to some studies. 

Lack of Resources

Outside of library resources, there are virtually no outlets to help students and everyday learners unpack the critical content from research.

Over the past decade, researchers and major media outlets have acknowledge a crisis of comprehension in scholarly work. According to Nature, research papers today are harder to understand than ever before. Additionally, The Atlantic notes that, in general, the more sophisticated today’s research is, the harder it is to communicate findings.

Our simple solutions

Through a mix of automated solutions and our team of subject matter experts, Bibliate compresses research into relatable and easily consumable summaries accessible to everyone. 

Using everyday strategies created by undergraduate students, along with the recommendations of researchers and industry professionals, we developed two features that transform the main ideas of academic research into simpler time-saving formats.

Summary Generator gives you the ability to create your own summary on-demand by uploading a research article. Once uploaded, the content is automatically transformed into an easy to read summary of the most important information. 

Bibliate Library is an online library of over 150 summaries of popular academic research. Written by our team, each summary contains an overview of the research article, an excerpt dissecting the data and visuals, and two sections covering the significance and key words.

Personal Library gives you the ability to save summaries you find in our database and summaries that you have generated.

Our Mission

Due to the complexity and cumbersome length of academic research, the original content is lost in translation, creating a gap between researchers and the everyday learner. Our mission is to bridge this gap through our relatable and easy-to-read summary solutions. Our vision? Simply put, anyone that wants to understand academic research – whether it be for class, for business, or for pleasure – has an opportunity to do so.

Our Story

Our journey began in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of Minnesota in the Spring of 2019. We were a normal group of students trying to solve an issue that many of our classmates were struggling with in their courses. Realizing this problem was not unique, we decided to create an organization that would give students and people more tools to understand critical academic content. 

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